Feminism on the UNCC Campus

What are some of the initiatives, programs, organizations on campus that address feminism and African American feminism in particular? What is your level of involvement on campus as it relates to feminism?

Since I have usually been taking at least one WGST course each semester, I have been fairly aware of the feminist activism on campus. I know that UNCC has a Feminist Union, which organizes events on campus related to feminism. The Feminist Union Facebook lists events they are sponsoring and often has pictures from these events. Last year I attended the Feminist Coming Out Day event which aimed to promote a better understanding of feminism, what it is, why we need it, and who benefits from it. They had tables with different activities like writing out why you need feminism, drawing a vagina, and taking a picture in full graduation robes and gear.

Last year I also got to go see this event, which featured Staceyann Chin. She talked about her life and read from some of her books and it was an awesome experience. She was so hilarious, irreverent, moving, and inspirational. I also got to see this event, where Jessica Valenti spoke about her books and online activism. She was also very funny and brought up some great points about ideas of purity and virginity within American culture. I know that the WGST department and groups like the Feminist Union work in conjunction to try to have empowering female speakers like these every semester. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to attend any of the recent lectures, like  Laverne Cox’s a week or two ago, but I hope I’ll get the chance in the future.


2 thoughts on “Feminism on the UNCC Campus

  1. I really enjoyed reading how you attended the Feminist Coming Out Day, last year and what it was all about. Far too often, I feel that student’s on our campus are afraid to attend events like these because they do not know what the event is really about. However, you spoke about how the event aimed to encourage a better understanding of what feminism is and what it stands for, as well as the benefits of feminism. To me that is truly empowering because I have heard on so many different occasions people speak about feminism, yet, they have no idea what they are talking about. When it comes to feminism I feel that sometimes movies, television, and society give feminism a bad name, and that’s all people really know of it because it’s what they think is actuality. Yet, if we are able to get students actively involved through drawings and pictures, like you described with this event, we can inform and teach them what feminism is really about. Empowering today’s generation about feminism and its true meaning is also part of the long-term goal.

  2. Your posts was extremely informative to me because I did not know that there is a Feminist Union that sponsored events. Like you mentioned when you are enrolled in a Women and Gender Study course you learn about more events that support the feminist cause. Personally before I declared the minor I had no idea about feminist programs on campus. I agree that it is important that these progams help empower females as well as males.

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