Group 1: Body Image and the Media

First of all, kudos to group one! Y’all did an awesome job yesterday.

I wanted to consider your question, “What does your professional definition of beauty consist of?” For me, beauty is a somewhat disconnected idea. I never felt that I fit the media’s mold of “beautiful” because I had wild and crazy curls, tons of freckles, was short, and always had strong (read: big) thighs and calves. Because I didn’t fit this mold, however, I just found myself focusing more on the traits that I felt were positive about myself. I tried to focus on being funnier, smarter, and more social. Of course, it can be hard not to try to fit in to the standards set by the media, especially when you are younger and can’t really understand that beauty, even for many of those who fit the standard at some point, is usually fleeting. Either you grow older, gain a few pounds, or otherwise fall out of the mold and if you have only ever relied on your beauty or you place all your self-worth in your image, then you have nothing to fall back on if something happens to alter this image. I think, for this reason, we need to encourage our friends, family, and young girls to focus on whatever their strengths are and diversify their interests. Plus, my own main idea of beauty really relies on one thing: confidence. When a woman is skilled(at whatever her forte happens to be), put together(in whatever her style is), and driven to accomplish her goals, that is a person with true beauty!

UNCC African American Feminist Theory 2014

This week our group is discussing body image and the media. The purpose of this topic is to inform students of how the media conveys the definition of beauty as it relates to women. Considering the music videos, movies, and commercials, displayed on a daily basis, beauty is depicted as an outward attribute that is valued through the sexualization of women. The reason for choosing this topic involves the need to raise awareness of how women are objectified in the media and how it is reflected in the lives of everyday women. By gaining knowledge of this issue, each individual can take necessary steps to sift through the false ideas of beauty and create her own demarcation of what it means to her.


More than 90 percent of girls age 13-15 want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance

80 percent of women say that…

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One thought on “Group 1: Body Image and the Media

  1. I like your post because I like how point it out that you focus your positive. Because at the end of the day no body will fit the body image that the media portrays. So I think it important that people believe in them selfs and know that their are beautiful. Me personally I know I am beautiful and i don’t care what anybody say about. I mean I been told I was skinny and I need hit the gym so I can get big or ripped. But thats not me I am happy with the way I look so that why I think is very important to believe in your self.

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