I really loved the blog posts that this week’s group had us read and the theme that they chose. (Original group posting, re-blogged below) The advice in the 9/16/13 post, “You Will Feel Pain,” was really on point; I think it is definitely empowering! To hear advice from people who have have progressed further on their journey is always helpful, especially to be reminded that even the most difficult times can lead to something positive. The image/affirmation from 9/6/13 really resonates with me:

I think the main message was that you have to keep a positive attitude, work hard, but remain grateful. Even though it seems sort of silly in comparison, I often think of the phrase “fake it till you make it” as a similar affirmation; in that it reminds that you have to keep working hard, put on a positive attitude even when you don’t feel like it, and then you will learn and grow as you go.

From an outsider’s perspective I would say that one way African American women can be/are empowered is through their writing, speaking, and making their voices heard. I think the blog that was linked is a great example, itself. The blog description says: As individuals we are amazing, but together we can take over the world and I think that by reaching out to other women and sharing their experiences, minority women feel more empowered while helping empower other women as well.

I think that empowerment is definitely a big part of liberation. I really love the quotes from the group’s presentation this week. One was from Queen Latifah that said, Never let anyone tell you that you should stand behind them. You are the leader, you stand in front. When a woman is empowered, then she can lead others and serve as an example and teacher to other women. To become empowered, a woman must recognize her strengths and weaknesses. Two of the other quotes spoke to the tendency of women to fail to recognize the power within themselves. First, the group shared Alice Walker’s words, The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any and Roseanne Barr’s advice that Nobody gives you power. You just take it. Through learning from the experiences of inspiring leaders and then recognizing their own strength and power, people (WOC, LGBT, CIS, EVERYONE) can become empowered.


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