A New Chapter

So, I certainly have not lived up to the promises of my last post. I did not post about the Berks (though I did write an article for our department’s newsletter so, that counts for something, right?). I also have not posted about a wide-ranging array of historically based topics focused on my own historical interests. I do, however, have a somewhat legitimate excuse in hand. Over the summer I worked on a project with a friend on various forms of freelance type work available on the web. Not only did the income I made help out during the financially dry summer season, but I also learned quite a few new skills along the way. I made my first screencast Youtube videos, I honed my tutorial/review centered writing skills, and I even learned a bit (mostly through trial and error) of the AP writing format. If you’re interested in checking out what I was up to, or maybe you’re more interested in the possibility of earning a little extra cash, then check out Felicitous Freelancing here.

From here on out this blog will be undergoing another transformation. This semester I’ll be taking a course entitled “History in the Digital Age.” As a part of this course we will be writing blog posts related to our various readings and experiences using digital tools and systems.


After taking this course I will, hopefully, have more than a vague idea of what this meme is suggesting I do! And, if you stick with this blog, maybe you’ll learn something new too.


Rather than create an entirely new blog for this specific purpose, I’ve decided to return to this one and transform it in to the home base for these digitally-based musings. Additionally, my historical interests remain largely the same and I hope to consider how exactly the use of digital tools relates to the expanding scholarship related to gender, sexuality, and race. In this regard I hope that any remaining subscribers may still find value and interest in the posts that will follow!




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